Haryana Education Department’s objection to Priya’s viral video, said such videos do not show to students

The viral video of Priya Prakash is being seen not only in India but in Pakistan too. Pakistan’s young man is very furious at Priya Prakash But as Priya’s viral dispute continues to grow. The Fatehabad Education Department of Haryana has issued the order and said that such video schools should not be shown to children. The education department believes that the eyes of Priya’s eyes are affecting the schoolchildren. Such videos can spoil schoolchildren. Priya’s video has been banned in the schools of Haryana.


The song that Priya has become a star in a few hours now, due to the same song, some youths of Hyderabad have registered FIR against Priya Prakash and producer for hurting religious sentiments of religion. Now in the meantime All India Muslim Personal Law Board was told that if we find some objection to the song, then we will file a complaint against it. The member of the Executive Committee of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulan Athar Ali said that till now I have to sing Have not seen If a song is used in the name of ‘Prophet’ sir it is insulting and it hurts all Muslims in the world .He said that further action, we will study. He said that we will file a complaint, as it happened at Padmavat release. He said that nobody has any right to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. Meanwhile, Raza Academy in Mumbai has convened a meeting with Islamic scholars and has strongly opposed this Malayalam song. Raza Academy has urged the makers to remove this song immediately from the film. Otherwise, they will oppose the whole world. Also, the Academy has asked the Muslims not to listen to this song. The Academy says that this song has been insulted to the ‘Prophet’ Sahib and his wife. The Academy said that soon they will file a complaint against them in the Mumbai Police and write a letter to the PMO, Home Ministry and CBFC.


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