start a WordPress blog in 2018

How to start a WordPress blog in 2018 without any technical knowledge

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Hey guys, are you thinking about to start a WordPress blog in 2018 and earn money online in 2018? Well, you are in the right place at the right time to learn how to start a WordPress blog in 2018 without any technical knowledge. But before we started, let me tell you one thing about blogging. I know that start a blogging is a very hectic job but you are not alone many of people start their own blogs and they all are earning quite well. That’s why I decided to guide those who want to start a WordPress blog in 2018 without any technical knowledge. So let’s get started.

The process for starting a WordPress blog in 2018 is very easy even a teenager can start a WordPress blog. You can do the blogging as a part-time or as a full time and no age matter in blogging career whether you are 16 year old or 60 years old. You can start a WordPress blog at any time at any age.

Things that you need to start a WordPress blog in 2018

Here are three things that require for every blogger:

1. A domain name which represents your blog name and address to. (Basically domain name is your actual blog name i.e
2. A server or web hosting (Both are the same thing. A server is a place where your website lives on the internet.)
3. Most important thing is that your attention when you reading this article.

Generally, you can start a WordPress blog in 2018 in less than 30 min. Don’t be shocked. I am telling on the behalf of my experiences in starting a WordPress blog hardly takes 30 min. So follow this blog post step by step.

In this guide you can learn:

All Steps for register a domain name.
All Steps for buying the best web hosting.
How to install a WordPress in your c-panel.
Guidance for changing the themes in WordPress.
How to publish your first blog.
How to customize your WordPress blog with WordPress plugins.
All Steps for add a contact form to your blog.
Setup Google analytics for tracking the website traffic.
How to optimize your WordPress blog post for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
How you earn from your blog.

So let’s get started.

Step 1. Setup a WordPress blog.

Setting up a WordPress blog is a very easy task to do. As I have said above that start a WordPress blog in 2018 in less 30 min. But before starting today’s topic. Let me tell you that the most common mistakes doing by beginners when they start a blog they always choose the wrong blogging platform. Don’t worry, you are safe because you are here and this is good for you.

Most users think to use blogging at which is also known as the self-hosted WordPress platform. Now the question is arise is why? Because is free, there are many facilities for users like to install plugins, customize your website, and earn money from your website.

Now you have also heard that WordPress is a free platform and you are thinking why it is free? Is it safe for blogging?

Now let me tell you WordPress is safe and easy to use. I am also using a WordPress platform for blogging. It is free because WordPress allows to do setup and host your website yourself. I already said that to start a WordPress blog in 2018 you need a domain name and web hosting for your WordPress blog.

The domain is required to find your website in search engine by searching by the lots of peoples. Actually, in a simple word we can say that domain is an address of your website on the internet. Just like and my website etc.

The web hosting is a place where you can put your all website data. In other words, it is a home of websites on the internet. If you want to show your website publicly then you have to purchase web hosting.

The cost of a domain name is near about $15 per year and the cost of web hosting is normally $8 per month. But if you will purchase web hosting from Bluehost then Bluehost will give you a domain free and you can buy web hosting in just $3.95 per month. So hurry up guys.

Note:- The cost may be different according to the domain registrar and web hosting selling

I think that the cost of domain name and web hosting is affordable for beginners who want to start a WordPress blog in 2018. If you want to take my suggestion in choosing the best domain name and web hosting provider websites then I am suggesting you take the domain name and web hosting from the Bluehost. The question is why am I am suggesting for Bluehost? Because I am personally using the Bluehost web hosting and domain name and I am very happy with their services and of course it is giving you a free domain name on purchasing web hosting.

There are lots of websites which provided domain name and web hosting like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Namecheap and so on. But I am suggesting to all Bluehost and let me tell you Bluehost is not only my favourite hosting provider website. It is also a favourite of the famous blogger Mr Harsh Aggarwal ( Owner of website) also suggests people get Bluehost web hosting.



Let’s know more about Bluehost.

Bluehost came in 1996 (before google appearance.) So we can say it is the oldest web hosting provider company. Bluehost is a brand in the world of web hosting. It also provides WordPress hosting. Bluehost hosts millions of websites including mine.

Note:-  We really believe in the transparency. We never hide anything from our audiences. We are affiliate partners of Bluehost so if you do signup on Bluehost from our affiliate link then we will get some commission from Bluehost not from you even you do not pay any extra charges to Bluehost or my website. Even you can get a free domain if you buy from our referral link. If you are thinking that we only suggest Bluehost for making money trust me we have used services of Bluehost personally then we are writing this review about Bluehost.

Don’t waste the time. Lets purchase domain name and web hosting and start a WordPress blog in 2018.

Open the Bluehost by clicking on this link in a new tab of the browser and follow our instructions carefully.

First of all click on a get started now green colour button to enter the Bluehost.

Bluehost web hosting and domain


Now you have a new screen, select that plan according to your need (Basic and plus plans are most popular).

After that, you can buy your dream domain name for your website.


Bluehost Domain Name


At the last, you have to fill out your account information and locked the package information to complete the process. We are recommending the 12-month plan because after 12 years you can take decisions according to your experiences to go with Bluehost or not.

There are some extra options for purchasing. These options are optional to use if want to use them then purchase them otherwise you can leave them it’s totally up to you. Personally, we do not recommend to purchase these things.

Best domain Hosting

After completed all the processes, you will get an email from Bluehost on your email id which was provided by you when you signed up.  In that email, there are some important details about your c-panel means in the email you will get your c-panel login details. To get the c-panel’s login page you have written in URL bar (Your domain name/c-panel). A login page will appear and you can do log in.

Step 2. Install WordPress

 After login, you will enter the c-panel of your website. There you see the multiple icons for different services and features. So ignore all of them try to find the WordPress icon which is shown in the image which is given below.

Go down by scrolling and there is a section called website and there you will get the WordPress installing icon. Just Click on that icon to start a WordPress blog in 2018. If you are not using Bluehost web hosting then here you can learn to Install WordPress step by step.

How to Install wordpress

After clicking on the WordPress icon you will redirect to the Bluehost marketplace Quick install screen for WordPress. And click on the set started button.

After that, you will get a new screen where you will be asked to choose your domain name and choose your domain name from the drop-down and then click on the Next Button.


how to Choose domain name


After that process, you have to enter your site name (Domain Name), enter your username and a password for your website. That all information is very important so enter memorable username and password which are useful for WordPress account login. After filling all that things then checked all the checkboxes which are appearing below. After that click on the install button.


start a WordPress blog in 2018


Äfter clicking on the install button the quick installer starts the installing process of WordPress. The marketplace of the Bluehost will prompt you to choose WordPress themes while installing the WordPress.

Right now we skip choosing WordPress themes. We will show you how you activate free WordPress themes in detail in the next step.

Once WordPress installed completely you will get an installation successfully notification in the top of the header bar.

start a WordPress blog in 2018

Now a link appears on the top and clicks on that installation complete link and you will redirect to you at the next screen. There you can find your login URL, username and password.

start a WordPress blog in 2018

Congratulations, you have created your website successfully. It was an easy process, right?

When you want to login to your website’s admin panel you will have required a Login URL which will look like this.


Now enter the URL of your admin panel in the browser’s URL box. and complete your login process. After login, you are ready to customize your website and start blogging.


Step 3. Choose your WordPress theme

Themes play a very important role in your website. Themes decide that how your website is looking, how attractive your website and what kind of content your audience will get. When you see your website the first time it will look like this.

start a WordPress blog in 2018

This theme is not enough t attract your visitors. That is why we learn how to change themes of WordPress website. So let’s get started.

In WordPress, there are thousands of numbers of pre-made themes that you can use it for your website. Some WordPress themes are free and some WordPress themes are paid. But we will use a free theme for our website. Just follow my steps.

You can change your WordPress theme by going to your website dashboard and click on the appearance then select themes options.

Dashboard » Appearance » Themes

start a WordPress blog in 2018

On this screen, There are 3 pre-installed themes but we don’t want to use any theme from them. We are looking for the new theme then click on the Add New button. After that, you will have a new screen and there you will able to search any theme from 5600+ free WordPress themes that all also available at themes directory. You can sort theme selecting the option like Popular, Latest, Featured and you can decide your theme’s layout by Feature Filter option.

start a WordPress blog in 2018

When you take your mouse on the theme you will see a preview button. After clicking on the preview button you can see the preview of your website and you can see how your website would look to your visitors.

start a WordPress blog in 2018

The preview that you are watching it may not look exactly as shown in the image, Which is normal but you can customize and set it up later. The look of design, colour, typography, layout and other element remain the same.

When you are selecting the theme for your website I would like to suggest you choose a theme who has a simple design which helps you to keep all things clean and clear and I am damn sure that your visitors would love to visit your website again and again.

When you found your dream theme for your website then take your mouse to that theme and you will see an install button and click on that your theme will be installed soon. when installation successful, the install button will replace by an activation button. Just click on it and activate your theme.


start a WordPress blog in 2018


When you complete the activation process, now it is the time to customize your website theme. For customizing your theme click on the theme option then select Customize option. Now you are ready to customize your theme. After customizing the theme you are ready to create your first blog post.

Dashboard » Appearance » Customize

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Step 4. Publishing First Blog Post

Now you are going to learn how to write your first blog post in WordPress. Click on the posts option in dashboard then select Add New option.

Dashboard » Posts » Add New.

There is a text editor area where you can write your life’s first blog post.

start a WordPress blog in 2018

After complete writing, your first blog post, go and click on the publish button which is situated at the top of the right side. By clicking on the publish button your blog post is publically visible means everyone from anywhere can see your blog post. Don’t forget to add a relevant category of your post and tegs.

start a WordPress blog in 2018


Step 5. Install Plugins and customizations

Once you have done publishing the blog post then you have required some elements to your websites like Contact Form, Galleries, image sliders, newsletter etc. If you want these kinds of elements then you need to install several plugins. There are more than 55000 WordPress plugins available and that all are free to use. To install the plugins on your website. Go to dashboard then click on the plugin option and then click on the add new option. There you can easily find your plugin by searching. Once you have found the plugin then click on the install button after installation just activates your plugin.

Dashboard » Plugins » Add new » Search (Name of the plugin) » Install » Activate

How to add a contact form to your website

A contact form is necessary for all websites. If any person wants to contact you then contact form is the best medium to create a communication channel between the website owner and visitors or clients. Just because WordPress does not have a built-in contact form so you to install a contact form plugin from the WordPress.

I personally used a plugin named WPFormsto add a contact form on my website. This plugin is very useful, easy in setup and very popular plugin in contact form list.

To install this plugin go to the plugin option then click on add new option and search for WPForms in the search box. Once you have found plugin then click on install button and after complete installation then click on the activate button to active the contact form.

Dashboard » Plugins » Add new » Search (WPForms) » Install » Activate

start a WordPress blog in 2018

After activating the WPForms plugin then it will appear in the dashboard. Then click on WPForms option then click on the add new option. After that, you will have a WPForms builder interface.

Dashboard » WPForms » Add new

First of all, you need to enter the name of your contact form and then choose the template. We recommend you to choose ‘Simple Contact Form’ template.

start a WordPress blog in 2018


Now you have a simple contact form with all the required fields. You can add a new field or can delete any field from your contact form.

start a WordPress blog in 2018

Once you have completed editing the contact form then click on the save button and exit from the form builder. Now its time to embed the contact form to your contact us named page.

To create contact us page go to page option in dashboard then click on the add new button. A new section will appear then give your page name as contact us after that click on the add form button to add a contact form to the page.

Dashboard » Pages » Add new

start a WordPress blog in 2018


When you click on the Add Form button a popup will appear. In that popup, you can select the contact form that you have already created and click on the add form button.

start a WordPress blog in 2018

After that WPForms automatically add the form’s shortcode into your contact us page. Now you can publish your contact us page after that go and visit your website and check your contact form is working properly or not.


How to link your website to Google Analytic

Google Analytics is a product of Google which helps you to see your daily visitors on your website. It is an amazing tool that provides you everything about visitors what is their location, at what time they came on your website, how long they stay on your website and which blog is like by the visitors and many more things you can see about your visitors.

If you want to be a successful blogger then try to understand what kind of knowledge, article and blogs that your visitors/audience are hoping for you. For this, you can take help of google analytics. We can link a website from Google analytics by 2 types.

The first way is to copy google analytics code and paste in your website’s head tag and the second way is to install a plugin in your website to link with google analytics. So as this post on how to start a WordPress blog in 2018 without any technical knowledge we will take the help of plugin to link with google analytics.

First of all, you need to create a Google Analytics account. to create an account go to the Google Analytics website there, do log in with your Gmail account if you don’t have Gmail account go and create Gmail account first. Once you have complete login process then you will have a signup option on the screen. Go and do signup.

Gmail login » Google Analytics website » Sign up

start a WordPress blog in 2018


Google Analytics will ask you to provide your website URL and some information. After that Google Analytics provides the tracking code. Don’t do anything here. Now go to your WordPress admin panel and install and activate a plugin called MonsterInsight plugin. It is absolutely free to use and the best plugin for WordPress to link with google analytics.

Dashboard » Plugins » Add new » Search (MonsterInsight) » Install » Activate

After install and activate the plugin. Go to Insights option in dashboard then click on setting option and now here you can configure the plugin settings.

Dashboard » Insight » Setting » Configure

start a WordPress blog in 2018


On this screen, there is an Authenticate with your Google account button to connect Google Analytics to your WordPress website.

Just follow the all onscreen instructions to complete the setup. After completing the setup you will able to see your website traffic report in your WordPress dashboard in the MosterInsight tab.

start a WordPress blog in 2018


How to optimize your WordPress blog for SEO

The biggest mistakes which are done by every beginner is that they don’t optimize their blog or website for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is very important because it helps to find your blogs in search engines to the visitors. If you write SEO optimize blog then your blog will appear in the search term and you will get more traffic on your website or blog. So let’s get started to optimize the blog for SEO.

First of all, you need t install an SEO optimize plugging and The best SEO optimize plugin is the Yoast SEO plugin. It is more than enough to Optimize your blog or website.

To install the plugin go to dashboard then click on plugin option and then click on the add new option. There you can search Yoast SEO and you will get plugin after that you can install and activate the plugin.

Dashboard » Plugins » Add new » Search (Yoast SEO) » Install » Activate

start a WordPress blog in 2018

Yoast SEO plugin has a quick configuration wizard that can help you in doing the SEO optimize setup for your blog or website. You can also follow the instructions of the Yoast SEO guide for setup.

Install More WordPress plugins and Customize them.

There are huge numbers of plugins in WordPress. Some plugins are free and some plugins are paid. But the Question is which is the best plugin for you. Now I am sharing my secret to find the best plugin for my website. When you are searching for the plugin and you find lots of plugins now it is the time to choose which one is good is very hard to take a decision. So let make it easy.

Before installing a plugin always check how many people installed that plugin and read the reviews about the plugin and the most important thing is always see the date of update of the plugin. If the date of update is more than 7 to 8 months so never ever install that kind of plugins always choose those plugin who will update frequently. For more satisfaction, you can see the Screen Shots of the plugins and when you are satisfied with the plugin information then you can install them and activate.

You can also install some plugins which are important for websites are as follows:

  • Social Share:- Social share plugins are the most important plugin for a blog, websites. If anyone like your blog post, article, product and services and he/she want to share that post with their friends so he/she can share that post with the help of social share.

Dashboard » Plugins » Add new » Search (Social Share) » Select Plugin » Install » Activate

  • Newsletter:- Newsletter plugins are the game-changing plugins for your websites because once any visitor subscribes to your blog/website then you can send them notification of new posts. It can help you build your audiences.

Dashboard » Plugins » Add new » Search (Newsletter) » Select Plugin » Install » Activate

  •  Backup:- Backup plugins are used to create backups of your entire website or blog.

Dashboard » Plugins » Add new » Search (WordPress Backup) » Select Plugin » Install » Activate

  • Security:- There are lots of security scanner plugins. Security really matters for every website or blog. They protect your website from spammers, viruses and of course from hackers. So we are highly recommended to install the security scanner plugins.

Dashboard » Plugins » Add new » Search (WordPress Security) » Select Plugin » Install » Activate

There are lots of plugins and you can install any plugins according to your website or blog like You created a photography website then you need to make a gallery to show images to your visitors then you can install a gallery plugin from WordPress.

Step 6. Make money from your WordPress blog

You can generate more revenue form your blog and many bloggers also earn a huge revenue for himself. Even you can earn more money as compare to your salary. Once you have created your website and you are gaining more traffic then you can earn much more. There are many ways to earn online form your blog. That is why we wrote 5000+ word guide to everyone can start WordPress blog in 2018 and earn money from blogging.

But making money online is not an easy task. You have to hard work and put your effort to grow your blog. So keep patients and work hard one day you will definitely generate an awesome revenue for yourself.

How to make money online

Here are some of the best ways to make money from your WordPress blog

1 Google Adsense

start a WordPress blog in 2018

Most of the bloggers earn money by showing Google Adsense ads on their websites or blogs. If you are looking to monetize your website or blog then Google AdSense is the best platform to generate a good revenue.

Google AdSense is the biggest platform for bloggers and publishers. The Google Adsense is a mediator for bloggers, publishers and advertisers. Google allows to advertisers to run ads on that selecting keywords if their keywords match to your website’s keywords then ads will showing in your website. The traffic is yours, the website is yours and the content is yours so Google Adsense give the more part of the money to you.

But first of all, you have to send a request to Google Adsense to give approval to your website to provide ads to you. If google disapproves your website then don’t worry there are several ads companies who are given the approval to show ads on your websites Like Bidvertiser, Taboola, and so on.

2. Affiliate Marketing

start a WordPress blog in 2018

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money online. In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to send an approval request to any Ads provider company. You can start earning form first day of blogging. In affiliate marketing, you recommend products and services to your visitors. If any visitor purchase product or services from your referral link then you will get the commission.

To get a referral link you need to find such companies who run an affiliate program. You need to register yourself on their affiliate programs and get the referral links. If you get successful in affiliate marketing then you have to recommend high-quality and self-checked products and services to your visitors. Because your visitors purchase any product or services only your trust.

For making money from affiliate marketing you only need to promote products and services to other and they purchase them you will get paid. According to me, Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate more income in less time and hard work. There are some companies who offer affiliate programs like Amazone, Bluehost, Wooplr and so on. You also create a website to sell their products on your website.

3. Online Store

start a WordPress blog in 2018

In today many bloggers make money by selling our services or product online directly from their website. You can also sell your own product and services like ebooks, pdf, artworks, music, videos and much more. Some bloggers start their consulting service to the peoples.

To start your own stores you need to use woo commerce in WordPress. WooCommerce provides you with the facility to create an online store website in WordPress. You don’t have any approval from any website and don’t need to join any affiliate program for making money online.

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4. Write paid reviews

Make money by writing reviews

You can write paid reviews for the companies and you will charge for this. But there are some conditions for writing paid reviews for any product or services. For writing paid reviews you have a traffic of thousands user per day on your blog. The second thing is your blog post must be rank on google first page. Well if you are successful to rank on Google’s first page then you automatically get thousands of visitors per day. The last condition is that you write your all blog post on the same niche. For example:- You can write the review on the foods, fashion and any electronic item.

5. Give paid Backlinks

Make money by sell back-links

Backlinks are the most important thing to rank higher in the Search engine. Once your website gets higher page authority or domain authority then give a link to other websites on your website. You can charge for it. Many peoples try to get backlinks for their websites from the higher domain authority websites and they always ready to pay for backlinks. You can generate income very much.

6. Start your consulting services

To start your own consulting services you have a proper knowledge of that field in which you are giving consulting services to the people. Thousands of people who have very knowledge in any field they start their consulting services and earn huge amount of money. You don’t need to go anywhere you just build a website and try to attract visitors with your work and you can earn easily.

Υou can give consulting services by video calling, you can meet people for that you can charge extra money or you can write the blog article on your website and tell your visitors to take membership for reading your article or you can write an ebook and sell to your visitors online. You can start consulting services in how to grow your business, Digital Marketing, helps in a career-making, To entrepreneurs and so on. In today’s world, there are many ways to earn money online you just try find in which field you can make money.

So today you have learned how to start a WordPress blog in 2018 without any technical knowledge. We Shared with you, our all experience to start a blog on the WordPress platform. Well, there are lots of blogging platforms where you can start your blog but we chose to provide the guidance on the WordPress because WordPress is the best platform and it is totally free and provide more facility as compared to any other blog platform like Blogger, Tumbler, and so on.

If you like our hard work to write the 5000+ words article then please share this article with your family, friends with the help of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. We will appreciate your every shares. If you want to get notification of new post will publish then you can subscribe to our newsletter. You can find our newsletter section in the right sidebar.

If you have any confusion or query on how to start a WordPress blog in 2018 then you can ask in the comment section on this article or my facebook page. I make sure that I will try to remove your every confusion and give the reply for every query. At last, don’t forget to buy Bluehost web hosting because I am also using Bluehost web hosting and it is an amazing experience with Bluehost. That is why I am recommended to you. Thank you very much.

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